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The gangs all here!

Providing top notch care is a priority for BaySide Equestrian Center. We have a wonderful staff and

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professional management team. We understand that each horse is unique and ensure that our boarding package provides quality services for every horse.

Board : $650.00 for boarders in training  or $850.00 for boarders who are not in training*.






Boarding includes;

12X12 stalls equipped with:

  • Nelson-automatic horse waterers
  • Rotational feed doors
  • rubber matted throughout
  • Bedded with low dust bagged shavings
  • Windowed and bar protected dutch doors open to individual court yard areas
  • Night check.

Feeding program: Customized to each horses’ needs.

  • Hay fed 3 times/day
  • Grain fed twice a day
  • We feed Performance 12% pellet, Athletic 14% pellet, Tribute Kalm Ultra, Sweet Feed, Senior, beet pulp, and alfalfa haycubes.
  • Supplements fed at no additional charge


Just hanging out

Just hanging out

  • Turnout is on green grassy pastures, weather permitting. 7 days/week.
  • Group and private turnout is available.
  • Full day and half day turnout
  • Blankets removed and changed based on the temperature.
  • Geldings and mares are turned out in separate paddocks.
  • 4 large turnout paddocks with run-ins, 3 private turnout areas.
  • Round pen turnout for rehabilitation

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We have a limited amount of stalls open at this time.  Please contact Facility Manager, Dawn Sullivan (586) 716- 2209 or d.sullivan@baysideequestriancenter.com for more information, boarding availability, or to set up an appointment to tour the stable.

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* All prices subject to change without notice.

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