Lauren bringing horses in after a day of grazing

Please give us feedback on your most common questions for Bayside Equestrian Center.

  1. Where is Bayside Equestrian Center located?  – Click here for contact information and a map.
  2. Do you conduct Horse Shows? –  Yes, click here for more information.
  3. Ever have Tack Sales? Yes, please contact Facility Manager, Dawn Sullivan (586) 716- 2209 or d.sullivan@baysideequestriancenter.com
  4. Do you have sand or Euro Footing in their show arena? – we just completed the installation of Euro Footing in the show arena in September 2014 click here for more information.
  5. Does Bayside Equestrian Center have full boarding services?  – Yes, click here for more information.
  6. Can I sign-up for riding lessons?  – Yes, click here for more information.
  7. Does Bayside Equestrian Center sell or lease Horses? Yes please, click here for more information.
  8. My son has Autism and I understand there are riding programs that have shown to help children with special needs. Do you provide this service? – We are currently developing the program, click here for more information.
  9. How do I sign my child up for 2015 Summer Camp?  – Click here for registration information.
  10. Does Bayside Equestrian Center breed Horses? Not at this time, but we are considering it for the future, click here for more information.
  11. I would like to lease space at the Bayside Equestrian Center for a horse show, tack sale, birthday party, and/or company party how would go about organizing? Any inquiries into leasing space or conducting events at the Bayside Equestrian Center should be directed to our Facility Manager, Dawn Sullivan (586) 716- 2209 or d.sullivan@baysideequestriancenter.com

    Find us on facebook!

    Find us on facebook!


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